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I help good people build great things.

Let's work together.


I believe that the same branding and design that fuels mass overconsumption can be used to repair the world.

 I help passionate, purpose-driven entrepreneurs create remarkable brands for good.    



The Brand Strategy


In this 8-hour workshop, (don't worry, we take bathroom breaks and rock the snack game), I facilitate a fast-paced and inspired conversation that clarifies your brand's core purpose, uncovers your inherent brand advantages and illuminates a clear, authentic path forward in your marketing. 


I coach using a carefully curated set of questions and brand strategy exercises that result in a strong "onliness" statement and allow a bold brand voice to emerge. After the session, I create a beautiful brand synopsis document that will shape your culture, marketing efforts and brand identity for future growth.


This is a multi-thousand dollar investment and includes prep-work, as well as two weeks of post-workshop refinement. 


This workshop is for you if...

  • You're not sure of the next steps to take to further grow your mission 

  • You have clients/donors, but want a deeply connected community of fans.

  • You're lacking polished, clear language to describe what you do in a way that truly resonates.

  •  Word about what you do isn't spreading as fast as you'd like.

  • You're not sure/aren't expressing what makes you different from others in your field.

OK, but what do I actually get?

  • The confidence of knowing that the way you market  is boldly in line with your purpose.

  • The exact words and language to use in marketing/ advertising and donor/investor pitches. 

  • An actionable marketing plan that plays to your inherent strengths.

  • Clarity about your ideal customer and what motivates them to engage with you.

  • A beautifully formatted digital brand book that summarises this work and serves as a culture guide, onboarding deck and vision document.  

Ready to take the next step? Please fill out this short application form and tell me a bit more about your mission.   

Bonus points 👍for video submissions, as it helps me to learn about you more quickly.

Vik has been an extraordinary mentor and advisor as we've leveled up New Story's brand. If you’re serious about improving your overall brand and going after your dream, learn from Vik!

One-on-one coaching

for purpose-driven entrepreneurs.

I started on the ground floor at charity: water alongside CEO (and my husband), Scott Harrison. I was first a designer, then Chief Creative Officer for nine years. 

Having been there for every executive team meeting, every problem and growth plateau, I know first hand what it takes to grow a successful non-profit from scratch. 


When talented and caring coaches crossed our path over the years, they helped us accelerate our growth and avoid costly mistakes. Today, I'm passionate about doing the same for early-stage founders dedicated to changing the world.

What you need to know: My coaching calls take place over Zoom and last about an hour. Typically, we talk about how to narrow your focus to pursue a bold vision, and determine the concrete next steps to take in order to move forward.


What happens next? After the call, I'll email you a  detailed recap with links to any resources we discuss (books, videos, etc.)

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