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Fundraise less, raise more, and grow a passionate community of monthly givers. 

The Monthly Giving Launch Guide is a step-by-step course to launch and grow a monthly giving program that fuels your mission. 

Most nonprofits raise money the hard way...


These methods are difficult, slow and inefficient.

Your mission deserves better.

Besides the fact that these approaches are unpredictable and time-consuming, many of them are no longer viable during Covid-19 and social distancing.


It’s time to invest in a recurring-first fundraising future, and social distancing may just be the forcing factor you’ve needed. 

Co-founder of charity: water, board member at New Story and brand strategist for purpose-driven entrepreneurs.

Recurring donors have a lifetime value 5 times greater than that of a one-time donor.

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Surprise donations are nice and all... but wouldn’t it be nicer to have dependable revenue you can count on? 

You’re tired of having to guess your annual budget each year.

Tired of not being able to reliably plan your growth and project capacity.


I know, because that was us at charity: water for the first few years.

We didn’t have a monthly giving program, so most people would give once and then wait for us to reach out before giving again.

We spent a lot of time and effort creating new fundraising campaigns each quarter in order to inspire and re-activate our base.

It. was. exhausting.

Worst of all, after having a successful Q4 during the holiday season, we’d all wake up on January 1st knowing that we had to start the year from zero, and work even harder to exceed last year's success if we wanted to grow. 

So one year, we decided to give monthly giving a go.

But, we were making the same mistake most nonprofits make...


The #1 mistake nonprofits make that causes their monthly giving efforts fail... 

The #1 mistake nonprofits make is thinking that simply putting a "give monthly" checkbox on their donation page is going to get the job done. In fact, that’s what we did at charity: water for a few years, and it didn't work for us either.


The truth is, you need to have a product mindset  to succeed - the same kind of thinking tech startups use to build successful apps, software and online services that keep people engaged.


We'll be doing a deep-dive into the product mindset in the course, but first, let's take a look at...


The top 5 reasons monthly giving programs fail:


As a result of the principles you'll learn in this course, charity: water has built a monthly giving program that...

Raises $20 million+ in annual recurring revenue from a thriving community of 50,000+ monthly givers around the globe. And it's steadily growing every month. 


The Monthly Giving Launch Guide is a course for nonprofit leaders who are ready for a recurring-first fundraising future.  

This is a guided, 12-lesson online video course that teaches nonprofit leaders the principles, mindset and practical steps to launch a monthly giving program that delivers results.

It's called a launch guide for a reason: my goal at the end of this course is for you to launch (or re-launch) a thriving program.

This course is for you if...

Viktoria has been an extraordinary mentor and advisor as we've leveled up New Story's brand. If you’re serious about improving your overall brand and going after your dream, learn from Vik!

Who is this course for?


Established nonprofits who are tired of galas, dinners, direct-mail and other old-school methods of fundraising that require a lot of work, and don't scale.


Startup nonprofits who don’t have a monthly giving program yet, but want to skip the learning curve and get it right from the beginning.


Nonprofits of all sizes who already offer a monthly giving option but struggle to engage, grow and maximize their community of monthly givers.


All nonprofits who are ready to stop doing things the hard way, and finally grow their impact reliably, strategically and for good

What will I learn?




Your Donation Product

Every strong monthly giving program starts with a product-first mindset. In this chapter, we'll unpack the most common ways nonprofits fail to build a strong product and how to do it right.



01. What makes a meaningful recurring donation “product”?

02. How to highlight your unique selling points.

03. Defining your donor promise and proof loop.

+ worksheets for each lesson to define your own product.




and Visual Branding

Once you've formed a solid product foundation, it's time for the fun part: marketing your monthly giving program like a pro.



04. Naming and branding your monthly giving program.

05. Creating a landing page that converts!

06. Shooting a dedicated video with a strong CTA

+ worksheets for each lesson to define your own marketing.



Pre-launch Week and Launch Day

This is the moment you've been waiting for! In this chapter, you'll create and execute a launch plan based on the strategies we've used at charity: water to launch our successful monthly giving program.



07. Building excitement with a Pre-launch campaign.

08. Maximizing launch revenue with matching donors.

09. Promoting the program through speaking, podcasts, affiliates and 1-1 asks.

+ worksheets for each lesson to create your own launch strategy.



Retention +

Growth Strategy

A leaky bucket will never stay full. In the final chapter, you'll learn specific strategies for reducing churn (members leaving your program) and growing your revenue for years to come. 



10. Retention, communication frequency & what to focus on in year one.

11. The day you'll look back and realize how far you've come

12. An interview with MZ Goodman, Chief Revenue Officer at charity: water.

+ worksheets for each lesson to define your own growth plan.


Register for the Monthly Giving Launch Guide and Start building your nonprofit's recurring-first fundraising future.

Enroll today for 

$450.00 USD

You'll have access to all the teaching content the minute you register, and you'll be able to go through the lessons at your own pace. You can watch them all in one sitting, or take your time and do a few each day. 


  • 12 comprehensive (view at your own pace) video lessons that teach you everything we've learned while growing charity: water's successful, $20 million/year recurring giving program, The Spring.

  • Worksheets to build your own monthly product roadmap + launch strategy

  • A thriving Slack channel with lifetime access to like-minded nonprofit leaders

  • Five interviews with world-class nonprofit leaders on building a movement, storytelling, fundraising and growing your monthly giving program to support your vision for years to come.

  • Replays of past Q+A sessions

90-day 100% money-back guarantee.

My goal is to help you get results. If you've gone through the content, completed the worksheets, implemented the ideas I teach in this course and still do not have results, let's chat. I'll be glad to issue a full refund for the course. 

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Donors who commit to a recurring monthly gift give 42% more than those who make one-time gifts.


The possibilities are endless...

This may be the most important investment you'll ever make in your fundraising.

Just think, if you only signed up 200 people this year to give an average of $50 per month and retained them for 5 years, you'll have raised more than half a million dollars to fuel your mission.


Give it a try and see what's possible:


Take a peek at the first full lesson of the Monthly Giving Launch Guide, and see if this course is for you.

LESSON - 1A-high.gif

Over 200 nonprofits have already taken the course. Join them.


Here's what some of the current and past students have said about the course.

"I've already learned so much from the course – 'product mindset vs. process mindset' is incredibly helpful."

- Stacey Hess, The Bowery Mission


I love your style of teaching and how you've organized the course. Nothing feels overwhelming and everything feels doable.

- Emilee Connell-Umanzor, Solo Hope


"It’s so remarkable how much you’ve thrown open the vault on your experience."

- Ben Hawkins, Forever Projects


"After completing this course less than three months ago, we have already seen a revenue increase of 8% through first-time donors pledging a monthly donation"

- Angela Popplewell, 100 Cameras


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