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Critical Mass:

Master modern marketing for your rising nonprofit.

The course is currently closed for enrollment.

What others are saying about Critical Mass

I loved the frameworks taught that helped me organize what marketing is and how to flow through the process. In particular, the "captivate, convert, keep" focus and the strategies of each, and how they embed into a greater tentpole campaign. Seeing the overall structure of a good marketing plan was so helpful!

Rachel Mclellan

After the Conversion Killers lesson, we updated ALL of our landing pages. After The Golden Period lesson: we updated all of our stewardship campaigns.

Meghan McLaughlin, BRAC USA

The tentpole campaign strategy was super informative and helped us frame future campaigns, and the core message stack was most insightful because I was starting from square 1

Adam Miller, Good Game Foundation

As commuications manager, so far, the core message stack and campaign lessons were the most helpful.

April Chiasson, Concordia Welfare & Education Foundation

Vik Harrison's extensive experience and expertise, combined with the opportunity to learn directly from her, played a pivotal role in my decision to purchase this course.

Cat Cassidy, National Angels

This course was amazing - a great investment.

Michelle Smalling, Homes 4 Homes

So, you started a non-profit and you want to change the world...

you have a big vision,
you do incredible work,
you're trustworthy,
motivated, driven, inspired,
you're in it for all the right reasons...

But getting people to pay attention to your cause is still a constant struggle.


You refuse to...


Use click-bait
and guilt tactics
to get donations

Dance and point to get Instagram followers

Use photos of poverty porn to get noticed


And you've tried...

Telling stories from the field, posting more on social media, and even hiring outside agencies to help with campaigns.

But after all this...


You're still committing random acts of marketing that leave too much to chance and get mixed results at best.

And the worst part of all is...

You're afraid the world will never get to see how exciting and powerful your life-changing work truly is.  





How I quit my 9-5 advertising job and used my marketing skills to build charity: water



OK, so here's
the honest truth -

( There's good news and bad news )

Bad News: Most nonprofit marketing efforts are disorganized and disconnected. They may produce an immediate result, but don't build on each other to create strategic, long-term growth.   

Good News: If nonprofits only implemented 10% of the marketing strategies that high-performing companies use, they would achieve massive scale and transform the sector. There's so much low-hanging fruit. 

And the BEST news of all is --

There is a predictable, scalable marketing strategy that takes the mystery out of growing your revenue

It's taken me years of working at the fastest growing nonprofit around, and...

hiring consultants,
firing consultants,
"aha" moments
and sleepless nights...

but over the years, we discovered what makes the modern donor pay attention, convert, and remain engaged and loyal for years.


Basically, we did all the hard work so you don't have to. 


-  Introducing  -

Critical Mass:
A Modern Marketing Course for the Rising Nonprofit



Learn the marketing strategy that will help you:

- consistently get new leads and convert them into lifetime donors,
- create remarkable, evergreen content for your cause, and
drive strategic revenue goals that feed your major donor pipeline.


What's in the course?

I'm glad you asked! This course is broken up into three chapters that make up the Critical Mass Framework.

Chapter 1: Building an Unshakable Foundation

This chapter is all about the foundation your nonprofit needs to become a marketing-first organization.

In Chapter 1, you'll learn:

• Core messaging: how to powerfully craft your top 5 core messages

• Invisible elements: the 4 invisible traits of a marketing-first leader

Creative team: The in-house philosophy of running a lean, agile content dream team.  

16 Lessons (4-15 min. each)
+ Bonus interviews & worksheets



Chapter 3: The Tentpole Campaign Strategy that breaks through the noise 

Once you have your 3-part engine up and running, it's time to plan a year's worth of strategic, engaging content that brings it all together.  That's where the Tentpole campaign strategy comes in.

In Chapter 3, you'll learn:

• Why Tentpole campaigns are the best way to plan a highly efficient, productive year

• Exactly how to map out your 12-month Tentpole Campaign strategy

• The anatomy of a successful Campaign



18 Lessons (4-15 min. each)
+ Bonus interviews & worksheets

Chapter 2: The 3-Part Marketing Engine: Captivate, Convert, Keep

It's game time. This is the meat of the course. You'll learn how to build the 3-part marketing engine that will get you to critical Mass. 

In Chapter 2, you'll learn:

• Captivate: The 7 captivation triggers that get short-term attention

• Convert: Conversion formulas used by the greatest marketers of the digital age  + The 4 conversion killers

Keep: The psychology and the strategies we use to keep donors engaged and giving for years  


16 Lessons (4-15 min. each)+ Bonus interviews & worksheets



Along with the lessons, you'll have access to 3 special bonuses



+ 4 live group Q&A sessions with Vik 
(recordings will be published for those who can't attend the live sessions)



+ Content prompts & brainstorm ideas
+ Worksheets for key lessons in the course
+ A Tentpole Campaign planning calendar



+ Access to a private group where the entire course community can connect, learn from each other + ask questions anytime you get stuck. 

The Critical Mass workbook 

The course is accompanied by a comprehensive, 3-part workbook. When completed, this can act as your very own marketing plan: use it as a brainstorming tool or hand it to new employees as an onboarding document.

Enroll in Critical Mass today
and master nonprofit marketing.

Critical Mass is currently closed.

Let's recap: Here's what you get as part of the course:

  • 50 lessons that span 3 chapters and make up the Critical Mass framework. This is everything we learned while marketing one of the fastest-growing nonprofit organizations around. 

  • Worksheets, checklists and templates to build your own marketing plan + content strategy

  • A private Circle community with lifetime access to like-minded nonprofit leaders

  • 4 Q+A sessions with Vik  + Replays in case you miss these

  • Access to all the course material for 2 years from time of enrollment

100-day 100% money-back guarantee.
My goal is to help you get results. If you've gone through the content, completed the worksheets, and implemented the ideas I teach in this course, and still do not have results, let's chat. I'll be glad to issue a full refund for the course. 

buy Critical Mass
  • Can I go at my own pace in this course?
    Absolutely! Most people complete the course in about 6 weeks and follow along with the corresponding live Q+A sessions, but some don't get to it straight away That's why I give you two years of full access to all the content so you can go as fast or as slow as you wish.
  • How long is each video?
    The videos vary from 5 to 15 minutes in length. Some topics simply require more time to teach than others... and research shows that after about 7 minutes of content, our brains have a harder time absorbing new information, so I did my best to keep them short and to the point!
  • What if I miss one of the live Q&A sessions?
    Don't worry! If you miss one of the live sessions, you'll have access to the replay to watch anytime you wish. Plus, you can always ask questions in the Slack channel and catch up with the entire community.
  • How long will I have access to the teaching content?
    You'll have access to the entire course content for TWO years from the time you registered!
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