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How to DIY your visual brand identity (a step-by-step guide for non-designers).

Hey friends,

I would be the first to say that good design is extremely important to your business and when the time is right, it is an investment that pays for itself for years to come. But in the very beginning, knowing you’re going to go through so much growth and change over the next 12-24 months, it’s a great idea to DIY your visual brand for now. 


Investing $25,000 (what a design agency would likely charge) or more in design services at this stage would be like investing in an all-designer wardrobe for your infant. They’re just going to grow out of it in three months. But you also can’t afford to look completely amateur as you launch and try to attract your first clients.


In this video,  I  teach a simple and straightforward process to DIY your brand identity so you can launch your business looking put together, presentable and intentional. 

Also, be sure to grab the free resources at the bottom to help you get started. 

xo -Vik

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