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Critical Mass is the modern marketing course for rising nonprofits.

With 128 nonprofits enrolled in the first release of Critical Mass, we've hit mass capacity and the course is currently closed! But a new group will begin again soon. Join the waitlist to be notified when doors re-open!


Ready to finally master marketing for your rising nonprofit? Discover the Critial Mass Framework.


Mission Critical helps rising nonprofits master modern marketing and fundraising skills to accelerate growth.


Hi!🖐🏼 I'm Vik Harrison, co-founder of charity: water.  
I created
Mission Critical because it's something I wish existed when we were building our nonprofit. 


When we were building charity: water, we knew we wanted to reinvent charity work in the process.

But... there was no blueprint or precedent for how to innovate on outdated practices, and still run an efficient nonprofit. That's why I created Mission Critical.
Now, I'm using everything I learned on our mission, to help you launch yours.
Allow me to be your co-pilot on this rocketship ride. I've been to the moon and back, and it's beautiful up there 😉 

Toothpaste is peddled with more sophistication than the world's most life-saving causes.
The Monthly
Giving Launch Guide

How to fundraise less, raise more, and grow a passionate community of monthly givers who fuel your mission.

$450.00 USD

Take a peek at the first full lesson of the Monthly Giving Launch Guide, and see if this course is for you.

Over 300 nonprofits have already taken the course. Here's what they have to say:

stacey hess.jpg

"I've already learned so much from the course – 'product mindset vs. process mindset' is incredibly helpful."

- Stacey Hess,

The Bowery Mission

ben hawkins.jpg

"It’s so remarkable how much you’ve thrown open the vault on your experience."

- Ben Hawkins,

Forever Projects

Screen Shot 2021-05-11 at 11.37.57

For me, when I get really overwhelmed, I remember the recurring theme in the course. "It's all about building momentum"

- Nelly Cheboi,

Techlit Africa


"After completing this course less than three months ago, we have already seen a revenue increase of 8% through first-time donors pledging a monthly donation"

- Angela Popplewell,

100 Cameras

Learn in bite-sized chunks!
@vikharrison on Instagram

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